Gotham Group An exclusive investing group owned and operated by a diversified team of hedge fund principals, analysts & traders.
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Trade alongside hedge fund CEOs, portfolio managers, traders, and analysts. Our team's ability to recognize key themes and trends has led to outsized gains for members.

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    Whether you're learning, trading, or both, Gotham's dedicated crypto analysts are here to navigate through the ever-evolving area of decentralized investing.

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    If you like being in on hot drops, Gotham's NFT channels can tell you the what, when, & where so that you're among the first to get whitelisted to mint your favorite NFT projects.

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    Shout out to Gotham Group for alerts, news, all fundamentals, and allowing me to TRUST my own conviction.


    I’ve learned so much game from the Gotham Group Discord in the past 48 hours than 100+ hours of studying on my own 📈


    Literally the best investment I’ve ever made!!! From the best news scanners, to actual market updates by the analysts, y’all are the GOATs. Buy rips, sell dips. Let’s keep pumping.


    Best trading group out there. I’ve doubled my equity since joining.


    Appreciate the guys at Gotham Group for telling me not to sell yet!!! Shit my pants in the process but look where I am now!


    Gotham is definitely a great group to invest your money in because you will get that money back through their plays. I got in to the calls from unusual-activity just today, and already seeing the profit after market.


    Gotham is a great group that has a lot of info and detailed analysis. No matter how much money you have, there’s money to be made whether you're looking for long or short term trades.


    I've seen the amount of work all the staff puts in and even in tickets they are willing to help me. I've always been scared of investing into stocks because I never knew what to invest into, but now I have nothing to fear because of this group and their analysis.


    Up 18% with my mind only half in the game, just 4 investments. Feels like I stumbled upon a pot of gold getting into Gotham.


    After going through many other trading channels and chats, Gotham group is truly amazing! 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking to join up and grow their stock, crypto and NFT portfolios. Gotham’s definitely got your back!

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    What is Gotham Group? Gotham is a subscription-based Discord community focused on stock, options, crypto, and NFT investments. We are owned and operated by hedge fund professionals with over 50 years of combined Wall Street experience.
    How do I join? You can purchase a Gotham Group membership here.
    When do payments occur? You will be billed for your first month upon joining. You will be billed again one month later on the same day you joined. For example: if you joined on January 1st, you will be billed again on February 1st and so on.
    Where do I manage my membership? You can manage your account through the Gotham dashboard.
    Can I cancel at anytime? Yes, you can cancel at any time through the Gotham dashboard. Once you cancel, you will not be charged for the following month.
    How do I receive support? If you’re a member, please feel free to #create-a-ticket under Gotham’s support tab. If you’re not a member, you can contact us at